Dr Kumaree Padayichie

I have been in the field of education for 17 years and have always had a passion for education. My career began as a Grade R educator (learners aged 5-6 years)and held the roles of: Grade Head (Grade R), Phase Head of the Foundation Phase (Grade R-3 and learners are aged 5-9 years) and lastly Principal.

This is my fourth-year lecturing at a private university and hold the position of lecturer in education and module co-ordinator for the Bachelor of Education Degree (Foundation Phase: Grade R-3) and Bachelor of Education Degree (Intermediate Phase: Grade 4-7) for contact and distance learning. I am the lecturer and module co-ordinator for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education which is offered as distance learning and teaching practice assessor for the Foundation Phase. I have experience in lecturing on modules pertaining specifically to Early Childhood Development.

My qualifications include Bachelor of Arts Degree, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development in Foundation Phase), Bachelor of Education with Honours in Inclusive Education. The title of the dissertation for my Master’ Degree (Socio-Education) was: An Investigation of Children’s Aggression in the Foundation Phase: A Socio-Education Perspective. My thesis for my Doctorate in Education (Socio-Education), focussed on: Guidance and Support Model to assist Parents and Learners with Aggressive Behaviour. My research interests include the scope of Early Childhood Development.

All children should be provided with foundational structures that present them with a platform to achieve their potential. Learning through play is extremely significant as not only does it allow for social interaction, but critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. These skills including a value-based curriculum lead to the empowerment of children where they can become socially responsible independent adults.


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