Dr Erika Galea

After over two decades in education initially working as a teacher, followed by a period in the Senior Leadership Team of an independent school, and more recently holding various roles as an examiner and consultant to a broad spectrum of stakeholders within the education sector, Dr. Erika Galea has developed a unique ability to reach out to students, educators, parents, and policymakers.

With a Ph.D. in Psychology and Human Development (UCL) and an MSc. In Educational Leadership with a focus on Distributed Leadership (Leicester), Erika implements her expertise in this area by acting as an education consultant in quality assurance, as well as coaching and mentoring in Educational Neuroscience delivering bespoke workshops tailored to a variety of corporate organisations. Understanding the working of the brain can positively impact how we work with and lead others. Insights from the most recent neuroscience research are shared in these workshops, which teach participants how to change their brains for the better, increase confidence and resilience, and align the brains of their co-workers or organisational team in order to focus on shared goals and objectives. The objective of educational neuroscience can be implemented at different times throughout our lifetime continuum with the aim of promoting a better workplace. In relation to school-based workshops, it provides educators with the resources they require to successfully apply scientific knowledge to enhance teaching and learning, allowing for the incorporation of neuroscientific research into classroom pedagogy and professional practices.

Erika has recently founded the Educational Neuroscience Hub Europe in Malta with the aim of creating more awareness and a better understanding of the development of the brain, within the context of teaching and learning both in the school and workplace environments.

Email: erikagalea@educationalneurosciencehub.com

Follow her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eduneurosciencehub

B.Ed.(Hons.) (Melit.) MSc.Educ.Lead.(Leics.)

MPhil/PhD Psychology and Human Development (UCL)

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