Customers recommend
A testimonial is a testimonial, an honest endorsement of your product or service that usually comes from a satisfied customer. Testimonials are a wonderful marketing tool. Therefore, no matter what kind of business you are in, you should collect testimonials from satisfied customers.

The importance of recommendations
Each company proves itself how strong and good it is in matters such as: service, product quality, delivery times, etc. A customer exposed to those messages is naturally suspicious of how true they really are, are they reliable? A customer’s recommendation strengthens the credibility of the marketing message presented by the business. A client’s recommendation is similar to certificates and certifications from recognized sources such as an academic degree, a professional qualification certificate from a recognized institution, awards, etc., all of which are factors external to the company that testify to its strengths.

When to ask for a recommendation from a client?
Asking a client for a recommendation is not easy and sometimes even embarrassing, even if you are sure he is satisfied there is always the fear that you missed something and he will not be interested in giving a good recommendation. Therefore, quite a few businesses find it difficult to get many recommendations.

From my experience, one of the ways to overcome the aforementioned difficulty is to take advantage of an opportunity when the client tells you that he is very satisfied with your work or products. As soon as the client clearly tells you that he is very satisfied – the opportunity is created. This is exactly the time when you should ask for a recommendation.

Recommend saying: “I’m putting together some new marketing materials and would love to include your recommendation. Is it okay with you if I write down what I heard you say and send it to you? You can feel free to adapt and change it as much as you like.”

It is important not to give up and offer the client to draft a recommendation because one of the barriers on the part of the client is not the desire to write a recommendation but the time it takes from him. In addition, the option to draft allows you to direct the recommendation to points that are important to your business.

As much as possible, it is advisable to add elements to a customer’s recommendation that will make it look more reliable, for example: specify a full name, add a photo, add a signature in pen and not in print, display the recommendation on the customer’s company page, take a screenshot from the WhatsApp window with as many identifying details as possible (subject to approval the customer).

Should I ask a client to prepare a recommendation in a video?
A good recommendation in a video is worth a lot. It has high reliability and it is easier to watch a video than to read rituals. The difficulty is getting the client to make a good video. In my experience, many clients fail to photograph themselves for their business. So surely in such cases it won’t happen for you. Bottom line, if you know the client is good at making videos – go for it, otherwise it’s worth giving up in advance and settling for a written recommendation.

What to do with the recommendations? Where to post them?
Scatter the recommendations in different places on the site and attach each recommendation to the marketing claim it reinforces. For example, a quote from a customer who states that he received the order within two days – will be attached to the claim that the delivery time is within 5 working days. Thus the claim of fast delivery receives credibility from a third party.

Prepare a page with all the recommendations – the more there are, the better, since the amount of recommendations is a factor that adds credibility. Visitors to websites know that testimonials can be faked, but there is a large amount that is assumed to be authentic testimonials.

Use the recommendations we received in all the advertising channels of the business. Don’t forget to make sure the client agrees.

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