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Business consulting are broad actions and processes of joint work by the business owner together with an external consultant who serves as an ‘auditing body’ for the business in all its various aspects.
A business consultant performs an in-depth examination and analysis of all the different processes that take place in the business, from the processes that are happening today, the business vision, and the future strategy. In marketing the services of the business, selling the product or service, recruiting and placing employees, handling and examining profitability indicators, costs, pricing, cash flow, financial statements and finances, examining competitors, all existing and digital assets, quality control, production and service.

Gilad Krein


We at Solutions use a model that combines business advice and help with execution. We accompany and advise managers at the strategic level of company management and specialize in marketing ie: sales, advertising and the relevant information systems.

Gilad Krein


“Our integrated business consulting model is a practical, flexible solution, adapted mainly to marketing and sales managers who get not only extensive professional and managerial knowledge but also management services and execution of projects and ongoing tasks. All this at a convenient, affordable and flexible monthly cost.”

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Gilad Krein

The great advantage of choosing the business consulting process is exposing the consultant to businesses and companies similar to your business, so that they know the competitors in the market, the different target audiences - and most importantly, what successful actions bring achievements and results.

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