10 things that make remote workers love their workplace
Today’s age of technology makes it amazingly possible to work remotely and even the work often turns out to be more productive if you know how to do it right, but sometimes there is a tendency to isolate the employee especially when he works without supervision, this may lead to poor performance and even the abandonment of employees.

A study conducted in 2017 by Joseph Grenny & David Maxfield among 1,153 remote workers found that 52% do not feel part of the team. 41% even claimed that they think their colleagues have negative feelings towards them.

So how do you get remote workers to love their jobs? The answer lies in finding a balance and maintaining it.

Let’s discuss the 10 most useful things that should be part of a remote work strategy to make sure employees love their workplace:

1. Open communication should come first
Open communication is one of the most important and central elements in order to make sure that everyone in the team is aligned on the same line. When all the employees are all in the same physical place – it is easier to communicate. On the other hand, when the work is remote, there is a need for procedures and tools that make it possible to communicate with everyone effectively.

For example, scheduling a morning meeting at the beginning of each working day with the remote employees in order to align and make sure that everyone does not scatter. Another way to ensure open communication is through polls and group updates. With these methods, remote workers can be encouraged to talk and discuss work-related ideas.

2. Small talk can make a difference
Small talk creates and fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and can be an excellent opportunity to discuss thoughts about company processes. The remote workers are not robots, they are people with hobbies and interests and it can be said that in a less formal environment, people tend to express what they think more honestly.

3. Clearly describe key performance indicators (KPI) and personal goals
People tend to be more productive when measurable goals are set. When remote workers don’t have a clear goal, they tend to feel disconnected from the team and tasks in general because they don’t really know where they fit in. Therefore, with proper management and clear definitions it is possible to distance this gap.
Put the definitions and goals in writing and share with all team members so that they are uniform and clear to everyone.

4. Celebrate with remote workers
One of the most effective ways to get remote workers to love their workplace is by extending a hand of love and appreciation. Celebrate more significant achievements and contributions from remote workers. Don’t do it privately, but a group conference call can also cause a feeling of appreciation.
Employees want to feel part of a community, show them that the organization cares about them even on birthdays and anniversaries.

5. Inclusion is everything
Sometimes it’s just to exclude remote workers from certain meetings and decision-making processes. But the truth is, if they were in the office, chances are you would include them.

If this is the case, make an effort to include them in those meetings and work conversations. From customer discussions to strategy meetings, make sure employees are participating. In today’s technological age, it is very easy to involve remote workers, as in Zoom, for example, as well as to share files quickly and easily. The inclusion of the remote workers is a key that helps foster their faith in the organization and feel that they are part of the corporate culture.

6. Encourage peer feedback
If most of your employees work remotely, one way to make them feel at home is through peer-to-peer feedback. In this way the remote workers have a platform to learn from each other and thus they can help each other faster. In this way, there is a feeling of lack of loneliness due to the availability and response they receive from each other.

7. Inject some fun
People need to let loose every now and then, this can be a great way to develop a relationship with remote workers.
In a physical workplace there are all kinds of jokes and pranks that the employees run among themselves. This contributes to positive feelings among the employees.
In remote work, such things do not happen naturally, but fun initiatives can help in this case. For example, workplace decoration contests, virtual activities, challenges, and gift exchanges can definitely loosen the atmosphere between everyone.

8. Empowering remote workers
If you want remote workers to fall in love with the workplace, give them freedom to implement decisions. For example, a remote worker may feel that a new strategy will help the team achieve more desirable results. But usually the remote workers are aware that they have to spend time getting approval before making such decisions. Instead, empower the remote workers, let them know they can make such decisions.
With such an attitude, it will be almost impossible for a remote worker not to like his workplace.

9. Invest in their career growth
A factor that is sure to keep an employee working well is the opportunity for career growth. Have a discussion with the remote workers, find out how they see their ideal career path and act accordingly. With the help of this information, you can provide promotion opportunities and show that the organization cares about the employee, thus increasing his level of motivation.

10. Equip the team with the right communication tools
Choose the right tools in order to keep work smooth and efficient. Tools that will allow remote workers to keep up to date with company updates, guidelines, team goals and objectives. Do your best to make every experience as positive as possible for employees. When there is smooth accessibility and everything works properly, it is more convenient for the employee to work productively. Bottom line, the right media will do half the work for you.