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The large team of consultants of Gilad Krein Business Consulting enables a variety of departments with different areas of specialization in a variety of areas such as: personnel, marketing, finance, organization, customer service, sales, strategy and more.

Gilad Krein
Gilad Krein
Gilad Krein

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Gilad Krein

Business Consulting

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Business consulting are broad actions and processes of joint work by the business owner together with an external consultant who serves as an ‘auditing body’ for the business in all its various aspects.
A business consultant performs an in-depth examination and analysis of all the different processes that take place in the business, from the processes that are happening today, the business vision, and the future strategy. In marketing the services of the business, selling the product or service, recruiting and placing employees, handling and examining profitability indicators, costs, pricing, cash flow, financial statements and finances, examining competitors, all existing and digital assets, quality control, production and service.

Gilad Krein

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After an in-depth investigation, Gilad Krein builds a broad strategic plan that touches every position in the business, together with the business owner and they build goals and objectives to achieve the plan and even work closely to achieve the results and products of the procedure. Part of the consulting work is building, maintaining and copying the technology (method) of the business according to which it works, building clear procedures around each of the different roles that the business owner and his employees perform, building the job description, so that when necessary and the business owner will have to turn to other processes in the business, to open branches Additionally, what goes into the position holder’s shoes will be done easily and quickly.

Gilad Krein

The great advantage of choosing the business consulting process is exposing the consultant to businesses and companies similar to your business, so that they know the competitors in the market, the different target audiences - and most importantly, what successful actions bring achievements and results.

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